Ocean Drainage Cell

Drainage cells are a commonly used water drainage solution for a wide range of applications like roadways, highway edge drains, driveways, retaining walls, basement waterproofing abutment drainage, roof gardens, green roofs, sports fields, saturated ground drainage among others. The primary purpose of building these cells is to allow water to flow evenly through the periphery, preventing stagnation of water underneath the surface. The drainage cells are known to be extremely light and yet, very strong, as they are created using recycled polypropylene.
When these drainage cells are vertically installed and carefully wrapped in a geotextile membrane, they tend to form a fin drain which is exceptionally useful, thin, and very obtrusive with incredibly high water-flow capabilities. On the other hand, if they are laid down flat, they can form a horizontal drainage system that is perfect for rooftop gardens, podiums and planters. Due to its efficiency, reliability, and longevity, they are fast turning out to be the go-to products when it comes to subsurface drainage solutions. 
These drainage cells are very easy to install, and it does not take too long either. Apart from necessitating free water flow and avoidance of waterlogging, there are also other significant benefits of using the drainage cells. These cells are capable of relieving significant hydrostatic pressure in the ground which stops waterlogging in the area and directs the excess water to a storage tank or a soakaway. These products are also resistant to any type of biological attack and a variety of soil-borne chemicals. Moreover, they cover over 80% of the total permeable surface area. 
Due to its wide range of application, its performance, convenience, and cost-effectiveness, it is a product which is becoming popular by the day for smooth drainage and prevention of waterlogging.


    • Green Roof Applications
    • Sports Field Drainage Systems
    • Drainage For Retaining Walls
    • Landscaping Drainage Systems
    • Tunnel Drainage Systems
    • Gas Collection Systems


    • Efficiently removes only excess water
    • Promotes fast and excellent plant growth
    • Reduces Urban Flooding
    • Reduces water contamination by filtering at source
    • Strong structure can support heavy loads
    • Easily Installed


    • Water Drainage
    • Ventilation
    • Environment Protection
    • Safety & Light Weight
    • Water Storage
    • Heat Insulation
    • Low Price & Quick Installation

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