Ocean Erosion Control mat

Mass deforestation for industrial and commercial purposes gives rise to the problem of soil erosion, leaving land unfit for cultivation of any sort. The ideal measure to preserve the topsoil is to replant on the land, however, it is impractical to replant until the soil has stabilized. Erosion control mats (ECM) are used on the exposed and eroding land to facilitate plant germination and growth and make the soil sustainable. 

Ocean Nonwovens Erosion Control Mats are made of Jute and Coir and are 100% natural and bio-degradable. Jute has been in use since the 1960s as an erosion control measure and has significantly improved in strength, thinness, and durability. Erosion Control Mats provide support for vegetation to take deep roots before it decomposes into the soil. 

This high strength mesh can be installed on environmentally sensitive terrains and slopes such as river banks, water beds, gardens, roads & highways and landscapes or agricultural land. Erosion Control Mats can also be embedded with seeds to save time and effort needed for sowing seeds, both on land and underwater. Oftentimes, the opening of a dam reservoir or heavy river flow during monsoon erodes the topsoil from the river bed and river banks, causing flooding and harm to wildlife which is preventable by a timely installation of ECM.

Jute and coir are more resistant to salt water damage than other fibers, hence widening the applicability of natural fiber ECM. Natural Erosion control mats are also suitable for athletic grounds or landscaped gardens which are frequently mowed where synthetic netting may get pulled during maintenance works. Not just plantation, ECM can also be used on idle land meant for construction or development as eroded soil is unsuitable to build upon. Ocean Global provides a variety of Erosion Control Mats lasting from a few months to three years, also known as temporary and semi-permanent mats. Our mats are designed to increase moisture absorption and prevent soil crusting and compaction. Ocean Global produces Jute erosion control mats as per the RSDO guidelines of Indian Railways.


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    • Erosion management solutions
    • Soil control solutions
    • Soil stabilization solutions
    • Slope stabilization solutions
    • Sediment erosion control solutions
    • Water beds
    • River embankments
    • Landscaped areas
    • Dams
    • Hydro seeding
    • Roads and highways


    Easily available 
    Quicker execution time. 
    100% Biodegradable
    Reduces moisture loss
    Already seed inside it
    No Need to used seed again
    Good for Other Crops Too


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