Ocean Geopipe

Geopipes are a common preference of a majority of engineers when it comes to transportation, geotechnical, and environmental engineering. It plays a crucial role in the distribution of gas and water, sewer and wastewater, gas and oil production, mining and industrial uses, irrigation and duct systems, and power and communication. Simply put, Geopipes are perforated PVC pipes wrapped with geotextile and used with the foundation, rock, soil, earth or any other material related to the subsurface and it is one of the most sought-after products in almost any man-made system, structure or project.

They are extremely easy to handle and can be installed in a much shorter span of times. It has external load strength, which is a critical factor whenever considering any civil project. Other vital factors in Geopipes include its flexibility, efficiency in drainage, high discharge capacity and its corrosion resistant characteristic.

It finds application in sub-soil drainage for roads, drainage in mining or drainage in commercial or residential constructions. Geopipes have revolutionized drainage systems with its near-perfect attributes. It also has high utility in agricultural lands, building foundations, construction sites, and sports & recreational fields. It is highly effective in preventing water logging caused by soil seepage. These products apart from being extremely reliable also have a role to play in the sustainable development of the community, due to its environmental benefits. It is thus, no surprise that the geosynthetics community as a whole, will be actively involved in specifying, designing, and testing a massive volume of PVC Geopipes. 
Test Report
Ocean Geopipes
Ocean Geofilter


    • Retaining structures
    • Airport runways
    • Landscaping
    • Road edge drainage
    • Sports fields
    • Landfills
    • Parks
    • Agriculture



    • Lightweight
    • Unmatched Durability
    • Long Lengths
    • Chemically Inert
    • Fast and Easy Installation
    • Flexible
    • High Structural Strength
    • Abrasion Resistance

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