Ocean Solar Water Pump

A common belief surrounding solar energy powered technology, like a solar water pump, is that they are solely preferred for their environmental benefits. An understated fact is that using a solar water pump can be an extremely cost-effective proposition. As the energy is derived directly from the sunlight, the operational costs are next to nothing, especially when compared to the other alternatives. In addition to that, in many countries, it is possible to recoup the cost of purchase through technology certificates.

Their low-maintenance cost is one of the reasons why an increasing number of people are gradually making a shift from generators and grid power to solar water pumps. In fact, in case the PV panels lose its efficiency, it is possible to change them separately, without interfering with the rest of the system. Easy transportation and relocation make these products highly convenient for users who might wish to change the location of the pumps from season to season. Moreover, these pumps are ideal for use in remote areas with an unreliable electric supply. With a Solar Water Pump, the sweltering heat of summers will help ensure a steady supply of water to meet both domestic and agricultural needs.

Ocean Global’s Solar Water Pumps can be configured based on the necessity of the user making it possible to choose surface configurations or boreholes with either centrifugal displacement pumps or positive displacement pumps. While surface pumps are ideal for dams, creeks, tanks, and ponds, borehole pumps can yield great results when used in tandem with solar panels as long as the system is carefully planned. Lastly, you no longer have to worry about cloudy days, as that problem can be neutralized by installing active or passive tracker which shifts the PV panel to store energy throughout the day.

Test Report
Ocean Solar Water Pump


    • No inverter
    • Rugged construction
    • Easy installation
    • No conventional grid electricity required
    • Long operating life
    • Highly reliable and trouble-free performance
    • Easy to operate and maintain
    • Eco-friendly
    • No fuel cost
    • One Time Investment
    • No Inflation burden
    • Zero Running costs & Long Life
    • Independent Operation
    • Zero Noise & Environment Friendly
    • Government Subsidies on Solar Pumps


    • High efficiency crystalline solar PV Modules from 'Lloyd‘
    • Energy Efficient pump & controller
    • Automatic pump controller with MPPT technology
    • Easy to install, operate & maintain
    • NO Maintenance and running cost
    • No Dependence on grid power of DG
    • Provision for remote monitoring (Optional)
    • Manual & Auto Tracking (Optional)
    • Wide range of solution available from 1HP upto 5HP


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