Ocean Vertical Green Walls

Vertical Green Walls are fast becoming popular among architects, landscapers, and interior designers, all alike, to adorn the exteriors of office buildings, the lawns of lush green resorts, or the interiors of small urban dwellings. Vertical Green Walls are simple semi-permanent structures consisting of compartments to hold small plants vertically. Also known as Living Walls, these versatile installations have a wide scope of usage and a long list of benefits. Apart from being a sustainable measure of beautifying our concrete surroundings, Living Walls are celebrated for their contribution to the health and well being of both people and the environment. 

Ocean Nonwovens offers customizable Vertical Green Walls designed with eco-friendly bio-bags instead of plastic pots and a highly durable framework. True to our commitment towards responsible sustainable development, we offer expert consultation to our clients to help the adoption of a suitable Vertical Green Wall design along with the right variety of plants. Vertical Gardens, as these are also known, can be installed on concrete, bricks, bare soil or can be free standing and can grow a wide range of flowers, herbs, and grasses. Vertical walls are immensely beneficial in helping combat air pollution.

While builders and decorators adore Vertical Gardens for their versatility and mobility, landscaping or gardening enthusiasts love them for their flexibility and compact size. A pleasing aesthetic addition to real estate with endless possibilities!



    • Benefit of vertical wall & Green wall:
    • Reduces urban heat island effect and smog
    • Acts as a sound proofing barrier
    • Increases real estate value
    • Increases foot traffic in retail spaces


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