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2019-07-19 11:48:22

Rain Water Harvesting Solutions

Rain water Harvesting is technique of storage rain water into natural reservoirs or tanks, or the infiltration of surface water into subsurface aquifers one methodology of rain water gather is top gather. Undoubtedly a number of factors contribute to the amount of water harvested e.g. the frequency and the quantity of rainfall, catchments characteristics, water demands and the quantum of runoff, and above all speed and ease with which the rainwater percolates through the subsoil to recharge the ground water.

Due to deforestation and also the resulting ecological imbalance, the water level below the bottom is being depleted day by day. As notable to any or all, the constant rising demand of water, particularly from the urban areas doesn't match with the surface water sources, as a results of that the water reserves below the bottom level over exploited. This consequently ends up in the water level depletion. 

Due to the selfless endeavor and untiring efforts made by the scientists within the field of hydrogeology, special techniques for recharging well water level are developed recently.

Water harvesting, excluding recharging the ground water level, will increase the supply of water at a given place at a given purpose of your time. It conjointly reduces the facility consumption as one m rise in water level ends up in saving of zero. 4 KWH of electricity it additional reduces the getaway that chokes the storm water drains, reduces flooding of water on the roads, improves the standard of water and reduces the probabilities of eroding.

A Typical Roof Top Rain Water Harvesting System comprises of:

1. Roof catchment
2. Gutters
3. Downpipes
4. Rain water
5 Filter Chamber

Rain water harvesting is a way to storage the rain water once it rains, store that water higher than ground or charge the underground and use it later. This happens naturally in open rural areas. However in full, over-paved metropolitan cities, we'd like to form ways to capture the rain water.