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2019-07-25 01:15:57

Why Use of Non Woven Geotextile in roads construction?

Why Use of non woven Geotextile in roads and highway performs a number of benefits like separation, filtration, drainage and most importantly reinforcement.
Reinforcement Problem
Pavement roads typically have asphalt or cement over the base layer of the aggregate which carries high traffic volume. Problems arise when the sub- grade consists of soft clays, silts and organic soil which in turn reduce the quality of the structure. When this type of structure becomes wet, it is unable to support traffic loads and eventually mixes with the road base aggregate thus degrading the road structure.
Using geosynthetics in road construction provides various benefits which includes: reducing the stress on the sub grade, preventing the mixture from penetrating into the sub grade and preventing sub grade fine particles from pumping up into the granular layer (separation and filtration), preventing contamination of the granular layer which allows open-graded draining aggregates to be used in the road design and construction (filtration), reducing the depth of excavation required for replacing the unsuitable and soft sub grade materials and also providing a stiffer sub grade or working platform (separation and reinforcement), increasing the stiffness of the granular material (reinforcement), and reducing differential settlements (reinforcement).
When used in flexible pavements, geosynthetics reinforcement offer two main benefits through the mechanism delineated above: reducing the pavement thickness ( Base Course Reduction-BCR), and/or increasing the usefulness and style traffic and reducing the upkeep works and prices (Traffic profit Ratio-TBR). Within the case of a awfully weak sub grade, geosynthetics will offer a diluent and stiffer operating platform or semi-infinite sub grade for building. This can once more result in a discount within the pavement thickness or increase within the style traffic indirectly, because the pavement can have a stiffer sub grade.
Used on Geotextile:

  • Road Works
  • Railway Works
  • River Canals and Coastal Works:
  • Drainage
  • Sports field construction
  • Agriculture